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Difficulty Curve SystemA system designed for an assignment on “Physicality” in games. The system is designed to create a feedback loop for the player where their decisions and impacts on either the player or enemies are directly fed back to the player as either a reward or a punishment. The system is meant to give the player the feeling that whatever they do directly benefits or hinders them and every action has an effect on their performance. WASD or Arrow Keys to move the green player sphere. Simultaneously, the player controls the cannon with the mouse. Mouse movement controls the cannon’s aim while mouse buttons fire from the cannon. Use the left mouse button to fire the speed increase shot, which increases the speed of whatever it hits, or the right mouse button to fire the speed decrease shot, which slows down whatever it hits. The object of the system is for the player to hit themselves with speed up shots and avoid enemies and their own speed down shots in order to obtain a high score.

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