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Blitzkrieg - Multiplayer War  2‘Blitzkrieg – Multiplayer War’ is a turn based, multiplayer, simulation-strategy game.


Watch the tutorial for visual help on how to play.

Game Objectives

Blitzkrieg Multiplayer War is a turn-based game

Your objective is to take all cities (C) with your army.

You draw your BATTLE LINE with the pencil tool.

Press Ready (>) and your entire army will move to your BATTLE LINE.


Important – keep your line connected to your cities (C). The more cities the better up to 4.

Your BATTLE LINE must be connected to your cities for your armies to have any effect.

Tiny black dots indicate your army is connected to your cities and is effective.

You also need to own resources (R)


Pencil: Draws your battle destination line

Eraser: Erases parts of your line.

Clear(X): clears all your lines.

Ready (>): Starts your army moving (red line = controls locked).


Cut off your enemy’s armies from their cities to make them ineffective.

Ensure your line is not too long and your army too thin – watch the destination gap size.

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