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Bactre r0.85Note: Still a BETA but in better shape than it was in r0.79.I added some visual improvements and changed some things about how the AI works. Should be a whole lot more intelligent now. The “Random Generated” map is purely experimental, but I thought people might want to mess around with that anyway. Right now it is very, very buggy. Description? Nah. Just updates man. On the more descripty side of things: This is a game where you fight as a virus. You need to spread out and reproduce, become stronger and eventually crush your opponent. It is a strategy game, but requires more quick thinking and quick movement than it does pondering, so get out your Quake reflexes. Also note that this is built off a game called Phage Wars. It is therefore in no way original. However I do plan to create a mode in which strategy rather than speed is what marks a good player. Select your nodes with the mouse or touch controls, then let go on a node to send half of each selected node to the target. The aim is to become strong enough to eventually take over all the cells in the map and defeat the AI. I suggest leaving it on normal difficulty, and don’t even bother with the hardest difficulty.

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