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Test your reflexes in this fast paced game. Your mission is to tap the loop at the right moment. Sounds easy, right? Go ahead and try yourself.. Play levels or endless mode and cli [...]
In this game, you can pretend to be a real road sign designer. You will have various tools for road painting: roller, roller, many textures and colors, as well as entire cars for p [...]
Welcome to Teeth Runner, the greatest teeth game you’ve ever played ! In Teeth Runner, the simple goal is to brush the teeth of people : humans, zombies, vampires, muchachos … They [...]
Up to 4 players game. You must jump over the red needle with pikes or block it. if you miss… you loose ! This game is super fun, challenging, and completely addictive ! It [...]
Ball Runner is the ultimate running game that will put your skills to the test. The farther you go, the faster your ball travels.Avoid obstacles and purple blocks. Always be on tra [...]
Test your reflexes in the speediest game ever. It’s super simple and you have only 2 choice on your path: up or down. If you bump into an obstacle, you loose. Are you ready t [...]
Can you burst glow dots to trigger a chain reaction and eliminate all of them from the screen ?This puzzle game is super simple and so fun. The “neon style” graphisms w [...]
Tap the screen to jump to the next circle. Tap at the right time or lose.If you tap too late, you reach the center cirles and you lose.If you tap too many times, you reach the exte [...]
Throw color pins to a turning multicolor wheel. Pins colors need to match with the color of the wheel segment. This game is super simple and fun but is also super challenging.Are y [...]
Are you a basketball serial shooter ? you can raise the challenge now !Your goal in this game is simple: you must master your shoothing skill like a pro. This game use physics ant [...]
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